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How would you like to stay perfectly comfortable year round, trim your heating bills between thirty and sixty percent, reduce your cooling costs between twenty and fifty percent, and protect our environment?  While it might sound like wishful thinking, Bourque Mechanical Systems turns your highest expectations into reality.  Our qualified team specializes in the design, installation, and service of advanced geothermal HVAC systems.  Our clients throughout New York’s Greater Capital District Area are already enjoying the rewards of optimized comfort, while spending approximately a dollar a day on heating/cooling their homes.

Professional Geothermal HVAC System Installations

A geothermal heat pump is far more efficient than conventional HVAC equipment and recognized as the most environmentally responsible form of climate control by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Rather than burn fuel to create warmth, a geothermal heat pump moves existing heat from one place to another, taking advantage of relatively constant underground temperatures.  While a geothermal system is more expensive to install, the investment is typically recouped through energy savings in as little as four years.

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Rest assured, the highly trained professionals from Bourque Mechanical Systems keep the cost and disruption of installation to an absolute minimum.  We draw from extensive project management experience to properly manage the details, from system configuration and site accessibility, to the amount of digging and drilling required.  In addition to being a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our team is NATE-certified, current with leading technology, and knowledgeable in the most innovative products on the market.  Serving New York’s Greater Capital District Area since 1986, Bourque Mechanical Systems brings state of the art technology to your heating and cooling needs.

Some of the many benefits of geothermal HVAC include:

  • Lower heating/cooling costs – A geothermal system produces approximately four units of energy for every unit of electricity required to power the system.  The average 2000-sq-ft. home can be heated and cooled for just a dollar a day.
  • Environmentally responsible – Drawing from a clean, renewable energy source, there’s no combustion process and no greenhouse gases.  Relying on a geothermal unit for indoor climate control is the equivalent of planting 750 trees or taking 2 cars off the road.
  • Safe & clean – With no onsite combustion, there’s no concern of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or greenhouse gas emissions, avoiding air quality issues and combustion-related safety hazards.
  • Free hot water – With a simple connection, your geothermal system can provide some or all of your hot water, saving up to 30% on hot water costs annually.  Heat removed from your home during the cooling cycle is delivered directly to the water heater, supplying virtually free hot water.
  • Quiet – Utilizing the same principle as your refrigerator, the unit is exceptionally quiet.  Noisy outdoor compressors and fans are eliminated, so there’s no cumbersome outdoor unit taking up space, making noise, or destroying the view.
  • Low maintenance – Protected from harsh weather conditions and relying on few moving parts, the system requires very little maintenance beyond periodic inspection and filter changes.
  • Extended system life span – While conventional furnace and air conditioners typically last fifteen years or less, the indoor component of the geothermal system can be expected to last about twenty-five years.  The average ground loop provides more than fifty years of service.
  • Value – Along with significantly lower utility bills and annual maintenance expenses, the installation of a geothermal system increases the value of your home.
  • Enhanced comfort – There’s none of the temperature swings caused by blasts of forced air.  Geothermal systems heat and cool the home evenly, avoid drying out indoor air during heating mode, and effectively dehumidify during cooling mode.

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